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Points for The Amersham Eventer Cup 2018 up to April 2018.

Championship Sunday 9 September 2018 

Legacy Jay Elaine Brown 5
King Red Lisa Hayyez 4
Smokey Jessica Pusey 3
Ben Dina Fasakin 3
Li'l Ben Annabel Beaman 1
Steady Eddy Julia Morris 5
Smokey Louise Pusey 4
JJ Kay Prior 3
Winnie Teresa Carnt 2
Bill Dani Caulton 1
Royston Royal Liberty Caroline McCooey 5
Hot Fudge Millie Merifield 4
Leo Kerry Evans 3
Theo Lily Michaelides 3
Billy Ann James 1
Hillcrest Enzo Carol Stuart
Merlin Katie Robinson 5
North Astor Dave Jane Bancroft 4
Wee John Katie Robinson 3
Lullabye II Jessica Moskalevitch 2
Curious Natasha Langton 1
Kilkern Diamond Louise Gardner 5
Rufus Katherine Peden 4